On the cusp of elegance and prestige, stemming from age-old traditions and techniques, Yaser Shaw has been carefully crafting handmade fabrics, accessories and furnishings, which have been recognized by renowned designers, international boutiques, wholesalers and department stores.

The artisans employed in his family workshops are the true upholders of the unique Kashmiri technique, which serves as a basis for Yaser’s artistic expression. Balancing between the traditional and contemporary style, Shaw’s clear and decisive vision has always been at the forefront of the manufacturing process.

When he’s not on the hunt for an exciting piece of fabric, Shaw resides in New Delhi. As a co-owner and head designer of Shaw Brothers, Yaser insists on providing fair trade employment for both men and women. By supporting their communities, the precious knowledge of an age-old Kashmiri Himalayan art remains a vital part of the final product.